Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

A few years ago Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoyed Mother's Day and wanted to make sure that my Mom, Grandma's, Sister, etc. knew how much I loved them and what wonderful Mother's I thought they were, but once I became a Mom, this Holiday quickly shot it's way into the Top 5 on my Holiday list!-ha!

I was blessed with the World's Best Mother. Hand's down, I know she is! (and many would agree with me:) My Mom has ALWAYS put her kids first, even though we now take a back seat to the Grandkids-ha!, that is the way it will always be with Mom...Family First. Her family is her life. Even as a bratty teenager, I recognized this. I figure that if I can be just half the Mom that my Mom is, then I will do a good job. She taught me that the most important thing in life is to recognize and be grateful for your blessings, take nothing and no time for granted, and to enjoy every minute with the ones you love. I vividly remember sitting in the rocker with Abby when she was just days old thinking, 'My goodness, once upon a time my Mom sat and did this with me, she took care of my every need just like this.' You don't realize how selfLESS Mother's are until you become one. Now that I have the girls, I totally get it. Now I know why my Mom cried at every recital, every awards banquet, every graduation and every thing else I did-ha!. Now I know why Mom would drop everything and come if I needed her (even if I was hours away at college). Now I know why Mom talked endlessly, bragging to anyone that would listen about her family and her kids and her grandkids. Now I know why she makes sure she misses nothing, why she will drive all the way here to keep my girls for the night and then turn around the next morning and drive through 2 states to watch another grandchild at a cheer competition. It all makes sense, because that's what Mom's and Grandma's do...that's what we WANT to do, that's what we LOVE to do. I always made fun of my Mom and my Sister for being so sappy and crying over EVERYTHING, and now I am the same way. It's like you pop out a kid and you know longer have any control over your tear ducts! :)

So, Thank You, Mom for everything. For loving me unconditionally, for teaching me the important things in life. I love you!

And, with that, I give you this ridiculous picture of me and Mom. This was NOT planned, by the way. We got to Mom and Dads, I got out of the car, Mom came running to get Abby and we both just stopped and started dying laughing. Yes! We were wearing the SAME outfit! hahaha!
And, I will keep the following brief (well, breif for me-ha!), because I don't want to bawl like a baby and because I think it's clear to anyone that knows me, that my girls are my LIFE! I didn't know it, but I was born to me a Mom. They are the BEST, most AMAZING things I have ever done, or will ever do. There is nothing better than being their Mom and if I accomplish nothing else in this lifetime, as long as they know they were loved by me, then I will die a happy woman, knowing that I did what I was put on this Earth to do. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Abby. I remember looking at this picture and thinking, 'Wow, I am a MOM and this is just one of MANY talks we will have!'

Me and Olivia! :) I remember being pregnant with her and thinking, 'how on Earth will I ever love anyone as much as I love Abby?' I was so worried, and everyone told me that I had NOTHING to worry about. All the love, joy, all just doubles, and of course, they were right. :) This little beauty brings so much to this family. She is as sweet as they come, funny as can be and laughs and smiles more than any baby I have ever known. She adores her big sister and always wants to be right in the middle of us, taking it all in and having fun. She has helped me to let go and forget about what I can't control. She has assured me that, 'yes, I am actually quite good at this Mommy thing,' ;) Her hugs melt my heart and the fact that she chooses Mommy over anything else makes my every day!

Me and Abigail! :) My Abby! Abby, it will be years before you understand the power of this statement, but 'Thank You for making me a Mommy!' It's the greatest gift in all of the world. Abby has always been the other side of me. She has taught me more about myself in 3 yrs, than I ever figured out on my own in the 25 yrs. before she was here, and that is because she is EXACTLY like me! ha! All of you Moms know what I mean, but it's like the instant they are born, you get it...THIS is what life and love is all about. She is truly my best friend. I could go on and on about both girls all day, but I will stop with telling them again, I Love You and Thank You!

The Greatest Blessings in all of the world! I will never know what I did to deserve them.
Thank You Scott, Abigail and Olivia for a fantastic Mother's Day! I guess I am pretty spoiled, though, because you all make every day amazing, and you show me how much you love me in all that you do. I could never thank God enough, I'm blessed beyond belief!


nanny said...

oh my gosh that is the sweetest thing that I have ever read. I am the LUCKY one hon thanks so much, I have to go wipe my face now. I love you so much. I could not be more proud of you if you were "The first female president of the US" remember the padgeant?? you have a way better job than that, with a lot cuter people surrounding you!!

The McAfee Pack said...

awwww!! happy mother's day!! i have no control over my tear ducts either!! ha!! i am glad you had a great day!!

The Pitmans said...

this is so sweet! i am reaching for a kleenex right now! happy mother's day!

Dawna said...

I totally agree about the tear ducts thing!! And about being born to be a mom. It is truly the greatest gift in the world. Happy Mother's Day.

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