Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be still my heart...

Abby's first dance costume.......:)

Most beautiful dancer/butterfly EVER! :)

She begged all morning to put it on, so I told her if she ate lunch, she could wear it for a minute! She was SO excited. It's the most darling little tu-tu I have ever seen. They will be performing 2 dances at the recital next weekend. I really really hope she will do it. I am worried because they let the kids sit with their family until it's their number (for any of you that have any dance experience you know how STUPID this is, but I won't go into my feelings towards the studio and the owner today), but I am just hoping that she will leave everyone and go up there. Considering my parents, Scott's parents, my SIL and BIL, friends...everyone will be there, I can't see her wanting to leave all of them and go up on stage....we'll see.
Anyways, she had to test it out with some SERIOUS dance moves! ha!


Not only is this her most prized possession, it is also her new best freind. Meet Sally The Tu-Tu! She was 'leading' it around and said, 'you have to come with me, Sally'! haha! Here she is having Sally sit down.

Cheese, Sally!
Then, the next thing I heard her saying was, 'here you go, Sally...I got you some eyes!' haha!


Andrea said...! She is HILARIOUS!

The McAfee Pack said...

that is GREAT!!! I LOVE IT!!! i hope she goes up too! i can't wait to hear!!

The Harrell Family said...

That is Adorable!!!

wick said...

She is hilarious!! You definitely have your hands full with her...LOL Please give us the details on the recital...we would like to try to make it...maybe if Grace sees Abby doing it she will be more likely to listen during hers...hahaha

Terry and Leslie said...

That is hilarious and absolutely ADORABLE!!! So, so cute!

The Utz Family said...

OMG! She looks like such a little doll in her outfit! I hope she has lots of fun at the recital!

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