Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Day of School!

Last night was Abby's last day of school for this school year. She was SO excited. Her little friends that we hang out with all the time go to the program, too, and she just LOVES anything school related. (since she is 21, she told me the other day that she was going to be 21, NOT 4-ha!) Anyways, here is my big girl...gorgeous as ever!

The girls she is standing there with are her buddies. They call her Little Abby, even though they are all about the same age-ha!.
They will all be in school together. The one holding her hand will be in her class! Such sweet girls! :)

And.....GREATEST SURPRISE OF ALL!...Mrs. Taben arranged for a bus to drive them around and drop them off at the play-ground. Between the tu-tu and the bus ride, I am certain yesterday was the greatest day of Abby's life! :)

Stepping onto a about a blast from your past...ha!

Of course, the play-ground is 100 times more fun when a bus takes you there!

And, they snuck away to make gifts for us for Mother's Day! So sweet! She was so proud of her flower. :) She kept telling me, 'I have a surprise for you!' She loved that she was able to keep it a secret, but you could tell it was killing her to not tell...ha!


Andrea said...

So stinkin' sweet!

Thanks for your post yesterday! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one! hehehe;-) jk.

Chris and Melissa said...

Ahh, the school bus- what is it about the bus that is SO cool? Ella looks for it every single day and asks me if she can ride it every time. Abby is just so stinkin cute- the dance costume is AWESOME!!! I'm sure she'll do great!

Fideles Five said...

You look great, Annie! So cute...I see where your girls get it offense'd make a cute girl too I guess.....okay I'll stop!! LOL

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