Friday, July 10, 2009

What a morning!

Wow, what a morning we have had. This morning we all headed into the kitchen for breakfast. I aksed Abby to get the butter for me....MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! Fridge was opened, next think I know I turn around, Olivia and Abby are standing at the fridge and RED fruit punch is just pouring EVERYWHERE...all into the drawers in the fridge, all over my floor, all over the girls.....GAAAAAH! I toss children to the side and start the task of cleaning it all up. It took 30minutes, a roll of paper towels, a tube of Clorox wipes and 2 red dish towels, and all the while, Abby is coming over with things like a hula hoop and asking, 'Mom, is this as big as your head?'...and a storage container, 'Mom, this is as big as your butt, right?!' Thanks, so much, angel! I was at that point where you are on your hands and knees scrubbing and thinking, 'should I laugh or cry?' Anyways, I FINALLY get that cleaned up and Abby is showing me something she made (a car seat for involves dining room chairs, jumpropes, and other various household items and toys...haha!) and while I took those 3 precious minutes to go see Dixon's carseat, Olivia finds her snacks in the diaper bag.....and promptly dumps them all over the floor!


EXHIBIT B!..haha!
See what I get for walking away from her for a few min? She's either making a mess or trying to eat a turd....I give up! hahaha!
Anyways, that was what we call an 'Easy Mess' If cleanup doesn't require more than one or two cleaning aids, then it's an Easy Mess. So, for example, this only needed the dust buster and removal of the diaper bag....EASY MESS! After using said dust buster, I needed to go put it back on the charger, which requires me to be in a different room than the room my children are in, which is a VERY risky move these days, but I did it anyways. I mean, I alrady have red stained hands from the previous mess, I am quite certain that will be the BIG one of the day (or, at least, I hope so!..haha!) I come back into the living room to find Abby dumping the formula from Olivia's bottle into the storage container that she so graciously let me know was as wide as my ass, in an attempt to make milk shakes! Again, Gaaaaaaaah!!! Maybe locking them in rooms isn't such a bad idea after all. hahaha....KIDDING, people that might read this and not know me! I am pretty sure that if I don't get out of this house alone for something other than work soon, I am going to LOSE IT!
But, that aside, they sure do make up for their messes fast. Abby came up to me and said, 'look, I'm Daddy...look at my tie!' :)

She looks ready for work to me....:)
And, Olivia, bless her wild little heart, is the sweetest thing you will ever see! Looks like she's ready to go to work with me. Love the pom-pons, Livi! :)

Oh, and while Olivia is napping and Abby is having a snack and I actually have time, I have 1 more funny Abby story that I forgot yesterday!
Mom was putting Olivia to bed the other night while we were there visiting and she brought Olivia over to Abby and said, 'tell Olivia good night!,' expecting her to give her a hug and an I love you, and Abby looked up at Olivia and said, 'Goodnight, puke face!' hahahaha! Sisterly Love, what can I say!
Alright, I have to get ready. We are tackling Target and some other errands once Olivia gets up....wish us luck! hahaha!


The Cantlons said...

Good luck!! and Thanks! I really needed a good laugh today. I am about maxed out on stress for the week so your post was just what I needed. Olivia looks so much like Abby in that second photo of her (Exhibit B). Too cute as always! Love you (and miss you very much)!!

The McAfee Pack said...

ha ha ha!! thanks....and i started laughing as soon as i was the title "what a morning"!! i couldn't wait to read!

The Pitmans said...

all i can do is laugh with you....and praise you for doing this everyday!!! you deserve a spa day or something!!!! atleast a manicure to get the red kool-aid off :)

The Utz Family said...

You crack me up! Some days are so full of excitement!! Deep breath and count to 10! LOL!

The Harrell Family said...

HAHA... I also knew when reading the title that it was going to be a funny one! You should think about publishing a book!!

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