Thursday, July 9, 2009

Conversations with Abby!

Too funny not to share....

***Abby: Maybe, if you get up early enough, the Goodnight Show will still be on!

Me: (thinking, Oh dear Lord, she's going to be up at 4:30am) No, I bet they have a Good Morning show for kids that sleep real good and sleep all night long.

Abby: Mommy, put a sock in it!


***As we are driving around lost, trying to find the home of one of the girls on my cheer squad...

Abby: (yelling from the back seat) I have no idea where we are going, but there better be a Subway there!

Oh, my...she kills me! And, lucky for her, there was one close and she got to eat lunch there!

***As Mom is putting her to bed
Abby: I will only yell if there is a monster in here.

Mom: There are no monsters in here, there are no monsters at all.

Abby: Yes, there is. Once there was a dinosaur in my room and it was going to eat me, so I had to yell for Mom, because she locks me in my room with that big white door!

Oh, geez...for the record, that child has NEVER been locked in ANY room! haha! She is going to have the adminstrators at school calling me with these stories she tells!


Terry and Leslie said...

Haha! I love reading your Abby conversations/stories! She has such a personality!

The McAfee Pack said...

ha ha ha!! i love it!!! (and we all know you lock her up....don't even try denying it!)

sam tells people he got "a big ol' spankin'" even when he doesn't. and they play right into it....poor sam!! geez!!

Anonymous said...

Annie, she must be talking about the Monsters in Monsters, Inc movie, right? So funny.

- Emma

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