Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Fun Weekend!

Wasn't so sure how the weekend was going to go when Abby ended up sick Friday! :( Actually, not even sure if she was sick or just purely exhausted. She was in bed asleep BEFORE 6pm. But, she came flying out of her room at 6:30am, so maybe she was just fighting a little something off. Thanfully, she was back to normal (well, normal for Abby..haha!) The little town right down the road from us does a Play in the Park series all summer, and this weekend was the children's production of Alice in Wonderland, and I knew Abby would love it. So, Saturday night Abby and I had a Girls Night Out and went to the show.

*Me and my clone! Ok, so sometimes, even I am taken aback by how much she looks like me. haha! I am not even sure if I needed to Scott to make her. I am pretty sure I could have just splashed some water on me and she would have busted through my chest like a Gremlin!

Olivia was pouting because she had to stay home and go to bed, and miss the show! :)

Not really, she had no idea! ;) Me and both of my girlies!

Dancing along at the show. Only a few more years and she can be part of the show! :)

'Stop taking pictures, Mom...I'm trying to watch the show!' ha!

Yesterday, Goggy and Gi-gi came to spend the day with us! We played outside for a long time and then a storm blew in. Look at this wall cloud...amazing, huh!? I have never witnessed weather like we have here. I never experienced heat like we have here, cold like we have here, storms like we have here. It's crazy!
So, we literally, moved the party inside! Friday was Gi-gi's 35th bday (right, Gi-gi!;), so Abby baked her a cake and got her some goodies! Funny how all the parties sort of turn into celebrations for Abby...haha!
Abby and Gi-gi!

Yay! I love this pic of her! She gets that little embarassed look sometimes when we catch her doing something. It's so sweet!



The McAfee Pack said...

i love that first picture of her with the cake....everyone is looking at her and singing to her like it's her day! i love it!! so funny!!

the lewis gang said...

hey, andrea. janelle here. i got your comment. thanks so much for the prayers for my mom. they mean the world to me.

i follow your blog via alicia's too! your girls are a riot!

yes, i follow matt and andrea's blog. matt is my cousin! my mom is a naville. what a small world!!!

The Ott Family said...

You guys have such a fun time together. I can't wait to do little things like go to a play with Kensley, but I also don't want her to grow up too fast!! You definitely have a clone...Olivia and Abby are both just so cute. I can't wait to meet them either.

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