Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Routine Nightly Fun!

Here is a glimpse into our everyday lives (get's thrilling:). Each night it's relatively the same routine in the Utley Household (and that's okay, because that is the way we like it). Dinner is almost always at 5:30ish, then we head outside to play until bathtime! And, if you really want to read a snooze fest, one day I will let you in on what we eat for dinner, and the fact that it is pretty much the same things each week....we are one WILD and CRAZY family! hahaha!

Anyways, Abby was dragging out all the toys last night and we though Olivia might be big enough for the Big Wheel now! Look at that little Harley Momma! :)

'What!?, this horn doesn't even work!? You call this a bike!?'

Hi! She waves hi and bye and night night now! It's SO funny!

Me and my girls!!

Love this one of her....FINALLY, you can see those little toofers! :)

Scott and his girlies! I guess it's because I only know him as the Daddy of girls, but I can not even imagine him with a little boy (even though a little mini-Scott running around in little matching polos and button-ups like his daddy would be TOO cute! :). It's so funny to see the girls work him over (even though he thinks he is in TOTAL control...hahaha!)


The Remers Family said...

wow what great pics!

The Pitmans said...

thanks for sharing your daily doesn't sound boring at all. those pics are soooo good, and a mini scott sounds like a great idea :) you probably need a little more chaos in your life, right?

nanny said...

those are so cute miss you all!!!

The Utz Family said...

Love the last pic! This time goes by way to fast!!

Terry and Leslie said...

Aww I love the pics of you all with the girls! So sweet!

Terry and Leslie said...

Oh and a little mini Scott running around does sound like a good idea...haha! I wish my little mini Terry would get here!

Jenny Drake said...

that means its time to start trying for a boy, duh!

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