Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, I know...I am a NOT a good blogger lately. Things have been CRAZY, and I won't bore you with the everyday musings of our lives. Girls are hysterical, work is busy for both Scott and myself, we have, THANKFULLY, had company the past few weekends:), and we are just busy busy! So, I won't keep you any longer with my rambling. I know why everyone comes here...and here they are. :) MY GIRLS! I took some pics of them today, because I haven't just sat down and snapped pics in a while!

More GORGEOUS than ever! Goodness, she is getting SO big. Her hair has grown so much. She will be walking before we know it. She's fiesty and independent but still as sweet as they come! She's really starting to throw some fits and she makes sure we know what she wants and when! Whew...she gets more like her sister every day! :)
And, such a happy little thing!

And, my BEAUTIFUL big girl! Same Abby, bigger attitude! haha! That about sums it up! She's never ending laughs and stories, and I love it! She finished up swim lessons last week and loved it. I am going to see if we have time to do one more week before her instructor has to go back to school. She learned SO much! I LOVE how she is total blonde hair and big brown eyes and Liv is black hair and big blue eyes! I really thought they would look identical. Definitely have their own unique looks.

And, I LOVE these! Olivia just thinks Abby hung the moon! They are so sweet together (when they want to be-ha!)

Kisses and hugs for her big sister!

Hahaha...this one is SO them!

DARLING! This one makes my heart melt! I am going to blow it up poster size and make them hang it in their rooms when they are teenagers and fighting! haha!
***I can not wait to have our pics done this weekend. I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but we won a free photo shoot with a featured St. Louis photographer, and she is AMAZING!! (check her's Molto Bella Photography. She is on my blog list...Behind the Glass!) Our pics are this Sunday! YAY!!


The Harrell Family said...

They are both just SO cute.. I LOVE the picture of them hugging!! It is very sweet!

The Harris Family said...

Gorgeous girls! I love the one of Liv hugging Abby, so sweet!

The Ott Family said...

Oh my goodness! They are absolutely adorable. I can't wait to meet them. It makes me think Kensley will definitely have to have a future sibling in her life...we're still trying to convince Daddy that it is a good idea though.

Chris and Melissa said...

love the pics!! miss you so much! saw jen this weekend and we both wished you and your girls could have been there. abby, ella, and reese could all vie for the world's biggest attitude award. :) they would be a riot together!

The Utz Family said...

Great pics! They are both so sweet! You will need that pic one day to convience them that they really did get along at one time! Ha! :)

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