Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim Lessons!

Today was Abby's first day of real swim lessons. We did them a couple of years ago, but it was pretty much just me splashing in the water with her (fun, but she didn't get much from it!) So, we signed her up for private swim lessons at the pool with Miss Lauren this summer. She LOVED it. She woke up at 6am telling me all about how she was going to go under water! I could have waited to hear about that around 7:30 or so-haha!, but I loved that she was so excited. She did great, and she can't wait to go back in the morning! :)

That's her with the instructor with the blonde pony tail.

Jumping off the side...her favorite!

I saw some of the instructors taking the bigger kids to the diving board and then I saw Lauren get out with Abby. I thought, 'oh, surely not!' But, YES...they were also going to the diving board! :)

Yay, Abby! She has talked about how she jumped off the diving board TWICE, all day long! ha!

I am going to try to remember to put my good lens on the camera at some point this week, so I can get some better pictures! But, I know Nanny and everyone is waiting to see these! :) ENJOY...she loved it!


The McAfee Pack said...

way to go abby!! you are such a big girl!

The Utz Family said...

That is awesome! Hannah loved her swim lessons also! Great Job Abby!

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