Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July FUN!

Well, we left last Friday to head home for the Holiday Weekend. Ended up that Friday was the only sunny day, so I am glad that we took FULL advantage of it! We played outstide all afternoon, Dad grilled that evening and Mom and Dad took Abby down to the river front to watch the fireworks with Timmie, Deana, Britt and Austin, too! :) Mom said they got down there and laid out the blankets, etc. and Abby said, 'ok, that's it, I'm tired of waiting, lets go home!' hahaha! But, Britt took her to jump in the jump houses and she had a BLAST watching the fireworks. She was so wound up when they got home. It was so cute! Anyways, some pics....

This cracks me up, because it's SO Olivia...always on the move, no time for a picture! ha!
The Men and The Grill!

Abby has been asking for this 3D chalk and paint for MONTHS, and as always, Nanny and Papaw got it for her (between both of our parents, these girls are SO stinkin' spoiled it's crazy!)

It really was SUPER cool. We all had to give it a look! Nice shades, Timmie!:)
Mom's turn!
This was SO funny. We kept trying to put the glasses on Olivia and she would NOT let us. Finally she grabbed them from us and did it herself! My little Miss Independent!

These two are so sweet together. Abby just adores Timmie! :)

HOLY COW...a picture of the 2 of us....these are rare these days! One of us always has the camera, and the girls are so much cuter than we are!

Abby's 'rain maker!' Mom has a mister that hooks to the hose and Abby LOVED it. It made the trip home with us, and now it's our rain maker! haha!
Getting ready to head to the fireworks.

Saturday Scott and I got up and went for a long run. Again, getting to do things like this, just the 2 of us, is rare, so it was fun to go for a run with Scott, instead of switching off while the other runs. We also went shopping, minus the girls! It's amazing how fast you can get in and out of a store when there are no kiddos in tow. It's not nearly as fun or exciting, but it is faster! :) It rained most of the day, but cleared up in time for letting off some fireworks at Mom and Dads. And, what we love most about our trips home...spending time with family and friends.
Olivia and Uncle!
Best Buddies!

Oh out everyone!
Yep, that is the neighbors tree...SMOKING! aaaaahhhhhh!! hahaha!

We waited until it got dark to let off the BIG fireworks. Me, Mom and Abby made up the anxious crowd, while the guys tended to the fireworks.
She was so excited. She kept yelling, 'It's a HOLIDAY sale!' haha! 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!' hahaha! I guess when you are 3, all the Holidays just run together.

Sunday we spent the day visiting with more family and we celebrated my brothers birthday, and....that night....Scott and I got to got a movie! YAY!! In 3 1/2 yrs. we have been to maybe 4-5 movies. haha! So, movie and a dinner was SO nice. We saw The Hangover (HYSTERICAL), and went to Five Guys. I have been wanting to eat there for months. It was just as yummy as everyone says!
Olivia and Aunt Marsha!

Helping Uncle blow out his candles!

And, by now it's Thursday at home so.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE (his actual birthday is today) We love you! Hope you have a great day!!


The McAfee Pack said...

yeah for time with just you and scott. daniel and i always get a run in together when we camp with my parents! it's great and we take full advantage of it! :)

Andrea said...

So fun! I saw your mom on Monday! She didn't see me (I didn't want to bother her while she was working). Maybe she'll get us at Cyd's 18 month check-up in a few weeks! ;-)

wick said...

It looks like you all had a GREAT time!!! It beats our no power for five hours on the 4th, almost didn't have birthday dinner...came back on 15 minutes before they said it would be on...ugh!! Oh, well, we had a good weekend tho!!!

Chris and Melissa said...

I love all the pics of your family! Makes me miss them!! Glad you had such a great holiday weekend at home. Maybe one of these days, we'll be there the same weekend!

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