Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farm Fun at the Fair!

Today, after gymnastics, we met up with Amanda and the kiddos and headed to the fair. They had a little farm program set up for the kids. We discovered it last year, and the kids had just as much fun this year.

Some crafts!
Sunflower Seed Spitting...only at the fair, huh? hahaha! Abby LOVED it, and even got a few in the hula hoop, I think!

Roping a steer. And, guess who roped it? Yep....Abby! haha! My little cowgirl!
Celebrating her accomplishment...haha!

Posing with her soybean seed necklace!
Olivia LOVED looking at all the animals. She wasn't so sure about this MASSIVE pig, though. Neither were we! ha!
Lots and lots of sheep!

Olivia's favorite animal! She loves that dog so much!

Thanks, for going with us Amanda, Seth and Grace. Abby asked all night why you all didn't come back to the house after we left Dairy King..haha! Anything I told her, she had a solution. If I said, 'they have to go get ready for dinner, too!' She came back with, 'well, they can have dinner at our house!' :)


wick said...

Thank you for inviting us...we will have to get together again soon!!! The kids had a blast and had to tell Nina all about it...

The Utz Family said...

Looks like fun, Olivia is getting soo big! Way to go Cowgirl Abby!!

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