Sunday, June 14, 2009

When Daddy's Away.....

The Girls Will Play! :) Scott has been gone the last few days on an all guys fishing trip. Friday's during the summer, a little town close by, has a peanut butter and jelly festival. This Friday was cool and over cast and I thought it would be the perfect day to head over and have a little fun. Of course, we get there and it's the ONE Friday that they don't have it, because there is a big festival there this weekend, and they were setting up for that.....GREAT. I had been talking about it all morning, 'yay, we are going to the can get your face painted, and they will make a balloon animal, blah blah blah.' And, now no festival. :( Thankfully, Abby could really care less. We decided to go get quesadillas for lunch and head home for some fun, instead.

BUBBLES...we got the biggest bottle of bubbles we could find. We have a bubble maker (those things are the BEST, by the way), so we needed LOTS of bubbles. :)

Abby has been so into hula hoops lately. Not to toot my own horn, but when it comes to hula-hooping, I am sort of a big deal...hahahaha! Well, Abby and I have created a little hula hooping routine. This is one of our big tricks. I start with the hula hoop on my arm and pass it to hers. (told you we were GOOD....I am sure Cirque will be calling now that they have read this...hahaha!)

And, WATER BALLOONS! I knew Abby would totally love this. We went through a TON of them, and even had some ready for when Nanny and Papaw got here! :)

Olivia got to throw a few, too!


Horseshoes! Look at her. I am starting to think there won't be a sport she can't master. She is so accurate and athletic and coordinated. She really can beat us at horseshoes. Go, Abby!
Little relaxing.


The McAfee Pack said...

sam LOVES water balloons! they would be a hoot together playing with them!

Chris and Melissa said...

abby's more of an adventurous spirit than ella. she couldn't stand her first experience with water balloons. could be because payton was pelting her with them (he didn't care that she was only 2! :). and i love the nose wrinkle! that is so totally you!! :)

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