Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Mommy, you are a really good Mommy!'

So, some highlights of the day....

1.Olivia turns over an entire bag of pretzels on the living room floor. Do you have any idea how much salt is sitting at the bottom of one of those bags? I do...ha!

2. Abby sticks her glob of chewed gum on my WALL!!!!!!!

3. Abby is finger painting in the kitchen with her nice little craft mat under her easel. But, that doesn't matter, she gets RED paint on her foot and instead of staying put, she decides to run frmo the kitchen, through the house to our bathroom to wash it off, leaving a trail of red paint through 3 room in the house.

***Am I taking deep breaths? Yep. Does my blood pressure rise for a brief moment while I access the situation? You bet. Did I make a tanning appointment for later on, just so I can have 10min. out of the house alone. Yes, sir! haha! But, you know what? Carpets, floors, walls and kids can be cleaned. And, when Abby says something out of the blue like, 'Mommy, you are a really good, Mommy!' I suddenly could care less about the red footprints on my carpet or the time I spent vaccuming the salt out of my carpet or the threats of never allowing Abby to chew gum until she is 30! hahaha! and, even though I sometimes look forward to bed time, I wouldn't trade it for anything! :)


The McAfee Pack said...

ha ha ha!! as always, i can count on you for a laugh!! :) thanks!

Brooke said...

Love this post ... and it is so true. It only takes an "I love you Mommy" or a big smile to forget about what you were mad about in the first place. We all laugh about it after the fact ... but I agree, never fun cleaning up little footprints on your carpet!! The girls are so cute!

The Utz Family said...

I am so glad not to have the only 3 year old that drive you totally bonkers some days!! Forget terrible 2's that was a breeze compared to 3!!! :)

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