Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We had a nice weekend at home. Scott's parents came Friday night and we went to dinner at a place we hadn't tried yet in a town near by. It was good. Saturday was the city wide yard sale. The town was a buzz...ha! We found book cases for the basement and High School Musical for Abby. I call that a success. :) Abby also got a new big girl bike this weekend. We have been wanting to get one for a while and she tried some out at the store last week, so I went back and got one of her favorites. At first, she was none too thrilled (typical Abby, doesn't like change-ha! At one point, she threw down her helmet and the bike and yelled, 'I'm outta here!' haha!) But, soon enough she was loving it and she has been riding it like crazy. Scott and his Dad build a work bench in the garage and hung some shelving out there. I have caught Scott out there just staring at it all more than once...ha! Sunday, Abby and I went to a baby shower and then I had practice with my Junior all-star squad and my first practice with my Pee-Wees (age 4-7)...HILARIOUS! So so cute. We had a great weekend.

Abby loves putting hats on Olivia...this one has always been a favorite in our household! :)

Abner with her new bike!

Go, Abby, Go! She's so fast now, we have to run to keep up with her on our walks.

Scott's new work bench!

And, one of the shelves!
Congrats, know have the neatest, most organized garage in the neighborhood! haha!

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