Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend in Paducah!

We got away this weekend, and went to stay with Scott's sister in Paducah. Scott's mother was born and raised there, and all of her family is still in the area, so we LOVE going to see everyone.

Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff put in a pool last summer, so we didn't waste any time getting in! Olivia just wanted to go to bed..ha!

We didn't get there until dinner time, so we promised Abby she could stay up late and swim at night. She LOVED it and thought it was the coolest thing EVER! She was wound up waaaay past her bedtime.
It didn't take anytime at all for her to warm up to the pool. She is doing SO good. She wears one of the little vest and she jumps in and swims all over by herself.

Yesterday, we played in the pool and grilled out with the whole family. It was the first time that Scott's Aunts and Uncles got to see Olivia. We had a blast. this is SO us!

While we were all getting dinner ready, Abby sat up her own little stand and sold 'lemon pie'! haha! And, they are all big suckers, because they actually paid her..ha! She made $4! hahaha!

Aunt Marcia buying some lemon pie.

Daddy and Livi!
And, big surprise...Sara and I in matching dresses...haha! I think if I looked back through all my pics from the last 10yrs, I would find enough pics of us in matching clothing to really embarass ourselves, but then again, you can't really embarass Sara and I, which is probably why we will still be in matching clothes when we are 70! haha! (really, we have the SAME EXACT sense of style, so she will show me something she bought and I will have to go buy the same thing for myself and vice versa)

Thanks, for a great weekend Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff. Hopefully, we will be back soon. :)

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