Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day!

Okay, this blog entry better post. Not that anyone cares, but I don't really like my new laptop. Grrrrrrr.....

Anyways, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, to all the Dad's in our lives. We have been very blessed in the Dad dept. :) We have Fantastic Father's, I married a man that is the most amazing father, our Grandpa's, Abby's Uncles....we have a lot of special men that love us and take good care of us. For those of you that know Scott, he hates attention, he doesn't really care to celebrate things like birthdays, Father's Day, etc. but if you know me, I love nothing more than a reason to celebrate! haha! So, I have learned to meet him in the middle. Scott and I both just got new bikes, so he wanted that to be his Father's Day gift. Fine, whatever...but, Abby insisted that he have something to open. (that's my girl!) So, Olivia and I got up early Sunday morning and made blueberry muffins. We had a nice breakfast and then Scott opened his gift....with a little help from the girls, of course! :)

Yay, Yard Games. He has been wanting washers for a while now, and this has washers, bean bag toss and bocce ball. Since it's been about 112 with the heat index, we have played LOTS of indoor bean bag toss. ha!
After breakfast, Scott and Abby went fishing. It was SO hot, but they fished for an hour or so and caught 2 fish! That was enough to make Abby happy! We just spent the majority of the day hanging out and playing with the girls. :)
Oh, and I had to get a picture of Abby with an ice cream, because the child HATES sweets. She won't eat ice cream, cake...nothing, so this was worthy of a picture, but no true Abby fashion, 30 sec. later she threw the entire thing in the trash can because Scott took a lick off it, God forbid! haha! Oh....what a girl! :)

***So, I know my blogging pretty much stinks lately, but 1. I don't have an editing program that I like on this new computer, yet, and most of the programs remove the picture from our camera card and I DON'T want that, so I don't really play around with the pictures and I am scared to risk losing any really good pictures until I can figure it all out, 2. We are so insanely busy. Any spare minute that I used to have has been filled with work, reunion planning, etc. and by the time the girls are in bed I am BEAT!, 3. my chilldren are INSANE lately, and I can't even turn my head from Olivia (or Abby, for that matter) for even 1 sec. or all hell breaks loose. And, there is no nap time/quiet time in this house, no sir re! If we are lucky, Olivia will take some good naps, but Abby hasn't napped in over a year, so.....anyways, back to what happens if I do something like, oh...go to the bathroom, try to load the dishwasher or take a call from work. If I do said event, I am met with something like, a hot tamale or a piece of chewed gum in Olivia's mouth, Abby hitting Olivia in the head with a bowl, Olivia trying to climb a bar stool (yes, at only 9mo. old...she is OUT OF CONTROL!), Abby locking herself in her room, and so on and so forth. But, we are here and having a fun summer, just a little busy (and insane) at the moment! :)


The Pitmans said...

hot tamales?!? oh my, maybe Charlie and I will tag a few extra years onto our family planning..haha!

The Utley Crew said...

haha, Whitney! Don't delay. The madness is worth is every minute! You and Charlie need a few little crazies running around! :) And, if you can believe it, she was MAD that I took the hot tamale out of her mouth. The child in an animal. It didn't even phase her. I think Abby would probably cry if she bit into one, but Olivia didn't even flinch. haha!

nanny said...

the pictures and stories are adorable, i love you all see you very soon

marsha said...

Andrea, I love reading your blog!! You have such a "knack" for this... and are a great story teller!! The girls are stink'n cute !!!!!!! I can't wait to see them again... Talk at ya soon!!

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