Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strawberry Picking...

This morning we went strawberry picking at Eckert's orchard and farm market. I love this place. It's very much like Huber's, for those of you at home! :-) Abby LOVED it, and wants to take Nanny back next weekend. I am all for that, and we can eat at the restaurant, too! :-)

Abby and Daddy, heading out into the fields.
Professional Strawberry Picker! :-)

She was working so hard!

After a long morning in the fields, hahaha! :-)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Strawberry Shortcake! It was so good, too! I am ready for #2, but I can't convince anyone else to eat one with me, hahaha!
Abby just couldn't wait! She had to dig in!

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Brooke said...

I love Olivia's name ... beautiful!! Abby is too cute!! I hope we get a chance to see you soon. We are going to spend a week with Bill in Michelle in Florida! Sammy and Tyson will have a blast ... I think he has character like Sammy sometimes too!!

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