Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun in Forest Park!

Forest Park is the large park in St.Louis that contains the zoo, Science Center, Muny Theater, ice skating rink, trails for running and biking, picnic pavillions, etc. Well, Scott's division has a picnic there each summer and it was today. We had a nice time at the picnic but after 2 hrs in the 90+ degree heat, we decided to pass on the zoo and go to the Science Center. We have been to the zoo a number of times, but this was Abby's first trip to the Science Center. She LOVED it! (leaving actually resulted in quite an out of the ordinary fit, hahaha!)

In mid-air on the musical hopscotch! She was so light she could barely make the notes play.:-)
Illusion house.
The sweetest most beautiful thing to ever enter the Illusion House! :-)
Mind teasers and puzzles.

Her favorite exhibit...ANIMALS! And, of course, we find a dog like Dixon!

It was so funny. The have an enormous, super cool dinosaur display with HUGE dinosaurs that move. She was so excited about going to see it, but once we got down there, she was not too sure. She decided she would just have a seat at a safe distance and look at them. hahaha!
Still not too sure! :-)
But, she loved looking at all the dinosaur bones. This was actually dinosaur poop, so she was extra interested in that. She has been talking about the dinosaur turd all night! hahaha! Resting on the Arch buliding blocks, just being cute! :-)
My growing belly, and proof that I survived an entire day of walking and extreme heat, and I am still smiling (I won't say that there was NO complaining involved, but it was minimal)! hahaha!

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SarahLeemans said...

You are both so cute!! I love her little dress and you look amazing, I love that shirt! :)

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