Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Finally, I got some good pics of the house. We were able to take 2 car loads over and clean tonight. I wanted to put some pics up, because it might be a while before we have internet. AT&T is not sure if they can service our address with high-speed. Ahhh, the joys of moving into the 'country!' I only say country, because that is what people refer to it as around here. I think they would croak if they saw some areas of Harrison County or Webster County! hahaha! But, it is a MUCH more rural area, VERY small town (population of about 1300), and an EXCELLENT school system. We are sooooo excited. Tomorrow will no doubt be a crazy, busy day. Everyone will be here to help (Thank Goodness), we close on both houses, etc. I can't wait to post the after pics of the girls' rooms, etc.

Here it is.....
One of the best things about the's the view from our back door!
Our neighborhood. It's so nice. Everyone has big lots and the houses are spaced so that everyone has room, but you still have neighbors.
Some inside pics....

Built in computer desk in the kitchen...AWESOME!
Our bathroom is one of my favorite rooms. Dual sinks...YAY! There is also a bug whirlpool/jet tub, and a shower (with a seat....not sure who sits in the shower, but COOL! hahaha!)
Another of my favorites, the walk-in closet is HUGE! This is just one side of it...HEAVEN! Look at all that room for my shoes! :-)

Hopefully, some of you can come and visit soon! I think I will have just enough time to get everything good and ready before Olivia gets here! :-)

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