Sunday, June 8, 2008

Let the moving begin....

Okay, so we got a little side tracked at first, but it has been a successful few days. Abby loved discovering that she could ride in the wheel-barrow, so we had to take turns pushing her.

Oh, please! hahaha! What a dork! Scott found some of his old 'toys': bats, golf clubs, etc. One day we will have time for that stuff, again, Scott...yeah right! hahaha!
This is barely a quarter of it all....and this is mostly things from the attic only!
Well, good thing we packed up our ENTIRE house last year, too. Now we have all the boxes we need for this year. hahaha! I told Scott that if I have to move into this house for a THIRD time, I will burn it to the ground first! hahaha!

Only 12 days and we will be in our NEW house! YAY!
P.S. I don't have any u/s results, yet. I won't know anything until tomorrow, but she looks GREAT, and she is for sure a girl. And, a very active little girl, too. (she's going to be just like her Big Sister:-) She was grabbing her knees and doing toe touches the entire u/s. We know she is perfect. Hopefully, the Dr. will tell us all good news tomorrow!

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