Thursday, June 5, 2008

A day at the pool...

We met Vanessa and her girls, Suz and Ella, at the pool this morning. The girls have had better days at the pool, but I think they had fun. Abby said she had fun, anyways, hahaha!

Who knew snack could be so funny!? :-)
Ella wanted in on the fun!
Ready to hit the deep end. Abby's favorite thing is to put on her floaties and go over to the big pool where all the teenagers and wild kids are. Yet another reason I don't think she has accepted her true age. hahaha! 'You are 2 Abby, NOT 16! Let's not rush this, okay?'
And, here are the girls at the pool last year! I can't believe how big they are getting! What a difference a year makes.
Look at them! :-) So sweet!

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Fideles Four said...

Oh my, they were so little! :)
Thanks for being the snack back-up! It's so nice how you guys always have just enough to share with the girls. Next time, I'll bring them!
We had fun today, thanks! I LOVE that pool!!! So big!!

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