Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bye, bye Baby Abby....

Hello, Big Girl! Abby has been a 'big' girl now for some time;-), but we finally took the rail off her bed and made it into the toddler/daybed. We want her in her twin bed when we get in the new house, so we decided we better start the transition now!

She is also doing good with the potty, so I got her a bunch of new panties yesterday. She immediately put them on, then used the rest for pom-poms, made a 'panty mountain,' and put some on her head! hahaha! if she just won't pee in them, we will be in business!:-)

Silly girl! :-)

Helping Daddy take down the side of her crib!

We have 2 crib mattreses, so I decided to use the second one as a catch all, in case she fell out of bed. trundle bed. hahaha! She thinks it's there for play. She slept all night in her bed. Didn't hear a peep from her, and when Scott went in to get her this morning, she was just sitting there, playing in her bed. We have put this off for so long, because I was so afraid it would be a TOTAL set back in how far we have come with fighting sleep. (Abby has fought sleep since day 1. It has been the only real struggle we have had, and let me tell was a rough 2 yrs. She does great once she is asleep, but at times, it was nothing if it took over an hour to get her to sleep. Many, many nights of tears and frustration because of tears, that is....hahaha, not funny at the time, but maybe it will be funny one day;-) So, we are VERY proud of her and how great she does now.

Here she is before bed last night with her new big girl bed!! YAY, Abby!!!

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