Friday, August 23, 2013


I have to say, I have the BEST bunch of friends here. My good friend, Stephanie, along with some other friends and neighbors had me a 'sprinkle' for Lawson. It was so nice, and so thoughtful.
 All the cuties that attended the shower! :) They were too busy playing to join us for much!
 LOVE this UTLEY bag. SO cute!!
 A few party goers were gone before we got the group shot but here is most of us!! They spoiled many sweet gifts: adorable clothes, diapers, toys, etc AND a newborn photo session here at the house. I am SO excited! What a perfect gift for someone that loves photos and loves photos of her kids! ;)
 The Grandpa's putting the crib together. (I will post an after shot of his room once we hang his letters.) It's pretty much done, though. Good thing, since he will be here any day now! ha!
 Someone is taking her Big Sister role very seriously. I hope Lawson is ready to be mothered by three of us, because these girls are ready for him!! :)

 They painted canvases for their new rooms, and painted ones for us to hang in Lawson's room, too.
A little update: I am due in just 2 weeks. As I said before, both girls were late, so we might have 3 weeks to go (at the most) or he could be here any day. I am already dilating and things are getting ready, so I am hoping for a smooth, easy delivery like I had with Liv. Mom is freaking out that she won't make it here in time, and there is a chance she won't :(, but I'm hoping he will be a good boy and cooperate. Abby's whole labor was just 12hrs, Liv's was only about 7hrs, and they say each one gets faster...maybe I should be camped out at the hospital! ha! I'm already 3cm dilated and thinning out (some of you will know what that means, I will spare the rest of you the details! haha!) so I have birthed him about 1/3 of the way already, and haven't even gone into labor yet...Go, me! hahahaha! Oh, goodness. I am really trying to stay positive and not think about how uncomfortable I am. I am having real contractions, but nothing that is regular enough to time yet. I really hope he doesn't make us wait as long as the girls did, but I am prepared if he does! :) Everything is ready, we are as ready as we can be, and I think everyone in town is on baby watch! haha! I am at that point where I sometimes dread school pick up, meetings, etc. because I know I will hear 100 times, 'you still haven't had that baby!'...'when is he coming?' etc. Not that I mind talking about it, but clearly, I am STILL pregnant, and yes, I am a ticking time bomb, I know this!! ha! With that being said, COME ON, LAWSON!!! :)


ginmommy said...

Excited for your little family! :-)

Jaime Mac said...

Thank you for sparing me the details. Ick n

Dawna said...

Can't wait to see pics! And I do still check your blog hoping you have posted something new! :) Hope labor goes smoothly...and I know all about the waiting an extra week. Elijah and Hannah were 6 days late and Abby was 9. But they were all born on Thursdays which is neat.

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