Friday, August 23, 2013

Last trip home before baby...

I posted a little about our weekend home in July (all the pics of me with Angie). We packed a ton into that weekend, and it still wasn't enough time! :( But, it was so good to see everyone that we did get to see, and we knew it was the last time we would get to go home before baby. The doc shut down my traveling after that! ;)
With my 'little' nephew, Timmie! Can't believe he is in 10th grade now!! He drove up to the weird!! :( He's a doll, and such a good kid. I just love him to pieces...
 and, so do the girls! :)
 With my brother and sister in law!!
 And, the girls with their Britt!! And, she (and Billy) are in COLLEGE now!! WHAT!?!?!
 Sunday we went out early to see Grandma Lee's new pad. It is nice!!! She will be 92 in November and still as feisty as ever! :)
 Then we went out to Aunt Karen's farm so the girls could do some ridin'!!

 They both did so good and weren't a bit afraid. Before long they were both riding by themselves! LOVE IT!!

 With Aunt Karen! They love her so much. She always has the most fun stuff to do at her house! :) We had a blast visiting with her and my Aunt Kathy all day.

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