Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pregnancy Update....

So, this is mostly for me, as I have been horrible at keeping tabs on this pregnancy, so I want to jot down some things so I don't forget. I have added some photo of my equally pregnant best friend for your viewing pleasure and so this blog doesn't bore you to tears! ha!
So, here we are at 35 weeks already!! HOLY SMOKES!! Where did the time (and this summer) go?!?! :( Overall, I have felt good. Not as good as I did with the girls, but not bad enough to feel like I have a right to really complain. The weather has been gorgeous most of the summer, even fall like some days. Aside from some small scares, the pregnancy has thus far been text book. My blood pressure is always great, I've had no swelling, I've gained a little more than I did with Liv but less than I did with Abby. I should finish somewhere in the middle of the 2, which is not bad at all. (With Liv I only gained 18 pounds. I was hoping to finish at that or less, but no such luck! ha! A girl can dream, right?!?!) I am more than ready to be back to 'normal' and to have a normal body again...and to sleep on my stomach!!! Oh, how I miss that! I am still walking but most real working out makes me start having contractions (and even walking for extended periods of time sometimes causes them) so I feel like I haven't had a good workout in months! I just walk as many laps as I can around the neighborhood. I'm sure my neighbors are more ready for him to get here than I am! ha! I have had some rough days this last week. I'm not sleeping well, my hips are hurting at night (I think it's because he is so low and compact...nothing like the girls were), I have lots of contractions, (mostly Braxton hicks, but they are enough to bother me and keep me from a good sleep). Like I mentioned, he is very compact, low and sticks straight out. With the girls they felt more stretched out, my stomach didn't stick straight out and I don't remember feeling like they 'dropped' at all. I feel like he is about it fall out! haha! I went to the doc yesterday and they didn't check but we are hopeful he has moved to head down (they will check again at 37 weeks and then I will really panic if he's not yet), but his heart beat was found very low, so that's a good sign that he is. I am measuring about a week 1/2 ahead. They think he will be a little bigger than the girls (they were only 7.3 and 7.4), or there is just not any more room for him. I'm short...he doesn't have many options! ha! Everyone seems to think he will be here by the end of August. I really don't know. Some days I feel like he will be, but since both girls were late, I feel like I should be prepared for him to be late, also. We'll see, I guess! :) I have had no cravings this pregnancy and not even much of an appetite, which is weird and freaks Scott out! haha! I think he is waiting for all hell to break loose, and for me to start demanding he go to Taco Bell at 1am or something, but nothing so far. Most things don't even sound good. I've eaten enough bananas and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to last me a lifetime. ha! I can't even think of what I want, so I just eat something boring and bland. He has the hiccups ALL. THE. TIME! I don't remember Liv ever having them, Abby did but not this much but he will sometimes 4-5 times a day!!! The girls think it is hysterical. You can see my whole stomach jump. He is SO active...much more than either of the girls. I'm guessing that's a sign, although I can't imagine a child more wild and active than they are! Lord, help me! ha! And, if his movement pattern is an indicator of when he will be awake, he is going to be a night owl like me. He is so active late at night, and his mildest times are during the day. We are pretty much ready for him. All I have to buy is the new monitor, and I have a few things to finish and hang for his room, and I need to wash all of his clothes and bottles, etc. That's it, though! :)
Now some fun photos....I got to go home last weekend. We haven't been home since Thanksgiving!!! I have NEVER gone that long without going home. We crammed as much as we could into 48hrs and had a blast visiting with everyone. My main goals were to see my friend, Angie, that is due just a week before me, and to see my Grandmas. They used to make trips here with Mom and Dad but because of age and health, they can't any longer so I was missing them.
Little back story. Angie and I met in the first grade and have been friends ever since. She is my longest and, of course, one of my dearest friends. We ALWAYS have a blast together, and I mean ALWAYS!! It doesn't matter how long we go without seeing each other, we pick right up and spend hours laughing, just like when we were little girls! :) When we both found out we were pregnant at the same time, we were SO excited!! She is having a girl, Cate, so we had to let Cate and Lawson meet! ;)
With our girls and our Moms! It must be so neat for our Moms to now see our daughters playing together. We were their ages when Angie and I became friends. A true full circle moment, I'm sure.
 Our girls!!! They are just like us...get them together and they will play for hours!! They had so much fun. My girls have asked at least 100 times when will we see Ashton again! :)
 With our bellies. We haven't ever been pregnant at the same time. So fun to be so close this time. She says Cate has to come by the 18th of August-ha!, so I'm doubting they won't share a birthday...especially if Lawson takes after his hard headed sisters.
 Group hugs!!! :) Can't believe there will TWO babies along with this crew of girlies the next time we are all together! Love it!!

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Jaime Mac said...

You have to let us know the next time you're planning an extended trip home so we can try & do a blogger playdate.
I think it's neat about you & Angie... except the pregnancy part! HAHA! Really-I think it's cool you've been friends FOREVER & can see your girls playing together. Awesome memories!
Can't wait to see how this all plays out! ;) I KNOW it will be exciting! Never a dull moment for you!

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