Friday, August 23, 2013

July Family Fun

July started off with a visit from Nanny (my Mom), and one of my nephews, Austin, tagged along. We LOVE when one of the big kids tag along, and Austin is a favorite of the girls! He is SO stinkin' cute with them and they love him and just think he is the funniest thing ever. :)
We got Scott a fire pit for Christmas, and we finally got it out. Pathetic, huh?!

 Clearly, the s'mores were a hit! haha!
 Then, as it always is, it was time for the girls to do some gymnastics, so they were trying to teach Austin some tricks, too!
 Not a bad hand stand, but his cartwheel was pitiful! ha! ;)
 Liv is always more than happy to show someone how it's done!! Good thing we have a huge yard...every inch gets used up when the girls are out tumbling.
 A few days after Mom and Austin left, we headed to Dixon to spend July 4th with Scott's family. Liv with Chuck...her favorite little kitten!! This kid LOVES animals. She is SO her Aunt Michelle! :)
 The girls wanted their hair know, for the holiday that would be spent just hanging out at their grandparents! haha! But, you know I won't turn down that request...and, they are so cute I can't hardly stand it! :)

 Firework time!!
 They were SO wound up all night! Love seeing them having so much fun!!! :)
I'm breaking these post up because I uploaded almost 100 photos to get the blog caught up....whew...what a job!!!

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