Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Miss Clinton County and Fair Week

I know I mentioned that Liv was going to be in Little Miss. It was cute. They had a little tea party/photo shoot, and some practices, but Fair Week is when things really kicked in. First up was the parade. Now, parades here and NOT like parades at home. EVERYONE in the county comes, EVERY school, business, etc has a float in the parade, the parade is HOURS long, lots of fun and everyone gives out candy or free stuff. Again, never seen anything like it. Someone had to walk with Liv and it was HOT so Scott was a trooper and walked with her while I watched with his parents.
Here comes Liv on the Little Miss float!! :)

 The pageant Dad! hahaha!
 With Miss Kayla, our babysitter. The girls ADORE her. She cheered for me when she was in high school and she's like family to us now.

 Catching candy with Goggy! :)
 And, like I said, EVERYONE has a float in the comes our little Girl Scout with her troop!! :) She had a BLAST walking with her friends and passing out candy!! So much fun. I miss home and I complain that we don't like at home sometimes, but truly, we are so blessed to live here in this little town and this county. Lots of good people here.
 The Girl Scout float.
 Then, it was pageant time!! Our little miss sassy pants, all ready for the event!

 Introducing herself. They had interviewed them earlier in the process, so they just had to say their name and what town they are from, then the MC read off their interview answers as they walked the stage. It was cute. Liv's answers: Favorite color: yellow, Favorite food: French fries, they asked about toys and stuffed animals and MY favorite...What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Her answer...a Mom!! :)

 And, the day turned out pretty well for Liv! ;) With her sash, crown and Papaw got her some flowers!!
 I laughed and said that I would bet anything that she is the first Little Miss to have an unfamiliar last name and southern roots!! ha! :)

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Jaime Mac said...

Oh my word they are both so cute! Congrats to liv!

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