Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lots going on around here...

My goodness, I don't even know where to begin, so I will start with Liv and the photo above. I know I have mentioned on both here and Facebook that she doesn't listen to any childrens music. Her favorite stuff is Mumford and Sons, Glee soundtracks, Adele, Led get the idea! So, I actually sat her down one day with a stack of CD's and had her listen to them and find some music she likes. It was nothing less of a success...she picked a Camp Rock CD of Abby's as her favorite, followed by a mix CD of mine that was accidentally presented to her, a CD of Christmas music and then she asked me where the good music was! ha! Love that child.

On to more significant the STL Cardinals winning the World Series! Night of game 6 we were sitting in the living room watching the game. I was reading on my Nook with little to no interest in the game, Scott came over, put this hat on my head and the Cardinals came was almost creepy. I took it off, the Rangers make a move, put it back on, Cardinals fire back and then I was no longer allowed to take it off. ha! They end up coming back and winning game 6 in one of the best games in MLB history! This is a HORRIBLE picture of me, but I feel it is blog worthy because I feel as though I single handedly played a role in the Cardinals winning the World Series! :) ha!
Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Deployment to me! :) Have I mentioned I have the greatest husband in the world?! Well, I do! :) I realize this ring won't help me with the kids while he's gone, it won't clean or cook or pour me wine, but it sure is nice to have!!! ha! :)
The BIGGEST news of the week (last week was one for the books around here!)...we bought a 2 acre lot with trees and a creek!! YAY!! We probably won't build for a couple of years, but it's so exciting to have the land where our dream home will one day sit! :) This is our favorite's a little 'secret' (as the girls like to call it) cleared out spot back in the woods that you wouldn't know was there unless you ventured back there!
Liv and I on the 4 wheeler while we were looking at it one day!

Why are we always on the 4-wheeler looking at our land?!...Oh, because it's right behind our house! hahaha! Yes, we are those people that bought a lot in the same neighborhood. At least moving will be easy, right!? We have eyed this land since we moved in, but it just came available this week. Very exciting.
And, just a cute pic of the girls playing!
More VERY exciting news...Liv mailed her papi's away last week to babies that need them ;), so this week she got her new BIG GIRL bed!!! Mass chaos yesterday while putting the bed together.
And, one very excited little girl last night! She LOVES it. It's so cute. I bet she said 100 times last night, 'hey, Abby...let's go see my new bed!' :)
Putting her to bed last night was a family affair!
Lots of love from big sister! :)

And, Abby wanted me to make sure I put her scary Halloween movie face on here! I'd say she's right on. Maybe she will be the next freaky little kid in a scary movie. The Ring 3?!?! ha!
Scott leaves on the 15th. We have lots to do and lots planned in the next 2 weeks. Not sure how much more we can fit in, but I am sure we will find a way to pack them full! :)


The McAfee's said...

LOTS of exciting stuff!! Love reding your updates! :)

Jaime Mac said...

Love the new ring! No, it won't help do day to day chores, but it will make you smile when you look at it!
(uhm creepy about the cardinals stuff!)

Polly said...

Hi Annie, beautiful ring and piece of land, but just an fyi, you are living in my dream home. Call or text if you need anything.

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