Thursday, October 20, 2011's not just a river in Egypt! :(

Well, as I have mentioned before, Scott is deploying to Afghanistan...SOON! :( I am pretty much in denial about it, to be completely honest! Never mind the fact that there is now a folder in our house titled Malaria Stuff (see above) or these packets of family resource guides! The favorite is the one below. I know it's real and serious, but Scott and I both got a good chuckle from it!
Or, package after package that arrives each day, filled with his issued gear...
Or the endless training on subjects and items that he usually handles! haha! (don't you love my smart ass notes...Turn On! ha!)
The trunk that he will have to pack and ship a couple of weeks before he leaves. (I told him that wouldn't even hold my shoes if I had to pack for 4 months....he wasn't amused! ha!)
I like to keep most of my posts light and silly, but I am asking for your prayers and good thoughts for all of us over the next 4-5 months. For his safety, for our safety while he's gone, for my sanity, for the great friends that have offered to help out with the girls, for our family that will be making extra trips to help us out, for Scott and all of the men and women that are away from their friends and family especially during the Holidays, for Abby and Liv who will miss their Daddy very much :(, especially Abby, who is extra sensitive to change.

If anyone would like to send him anything or leave him a note on email or Facebook, I know he would appreciate it. I am afraid the Holidays will be much harder on him than they will be on us. I know I sent his address to most of you already, but if you would like to have it, just let me know! :)


Dawna said...

I think Hannah and Abby are a lot alike. Hannah doesn't do well with change either. Adding you to my prayer list.

Jaime Mac said...

Wow this is serious business. Praying for you all...

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