Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yes, I know I am behind, but not as behind as I have been lately! ha! The Kindergarten class had a special party on Halloween and I went and painted faces. It was so much fun. They got to go to all these different stations and play games, do crafts, etc. I was set up in one class room so I missed the bob for doughnuts, making sucker ghosts and some other things but I got her at most of the stations in the room where I was working.

Her group...There's Griffin....SHOCKER! haha! He came over and gave me a brownie he won at the cake walk. The other Moms were teasing him, asking him where their's was. He just laughs! Little toot!
Cake Walk!
They made frames and then dressed up and got to bring the photos home that day. Of course, Abby didn't want to put on the clothes there so we got a picture of her like that! ha! What a piece of work this child is!
Her sweet friend, Josie!
And, with one of her good buddies, Mackenzie! Is she my child or what!? haha! Look at that big fake, obnoxious smile!
Trick or Treat time. Neither one of them would tell me what they wanted to dress up in, they showed no interest so I was prepared to just let them hand out candy, but at the last minute they wanted to go, so we threw these outfits together in, literally, 10 minutes and everyone LOVED them! ha! They looked SO cute! :)

We only went down one street and then went home and had a little party with our neighbors and they kiddos played and handed out candy! This is Addie, one of Abby's good buddies, and her Mommy, Allie, is one of my good buddies and this summer they moved just one house down from us! YESSSSS!!!! :)
We had a great time. And, funny story...the mexican restaurant in town was running a 'Kids Eat Free' deal on Halloween night. We love the place so we were all about it. We went to pay for our meal and it was only $13.00. We couldn't believe it was so cheap, even with the girls eating free so we asked about...Mondays are $.99 taco night and we had NO idea, yet Scott and I both got tacos...talk about looking like big cheap-o's! We were cracking up!

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Chris and Melissa said...

Yep, you were definitely one of "those families" we used to talk about when I used to wait tables! Haha! Just kidding! Now we're one of those families, too, and it makes my day when we get a deal like that! Love the Halloween costumes! Abby looks just like I remember you looking in elementary, hair and all. =)

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