Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football, Fieldtrip and Festivities...

The weekend that we went home for Liv's birthday, Scott and I drove to Lexington Friday night and met up with some friends for the football game Saturday morning. Scott is a huge UK fan and he hadn't been to Lexington since he was in the 3rd grade, so he was VERY excited! I am NOT a huge UK fan, but I was just along for the fun! :)

My tight wad husband found some lady's yard to park in (you know, to save $5 bucks) and the next thing I know we are tromping through people's yards! I was scared to death zigzagging through all these yards and garages, but we save $5! (can you feel my eye roll through the computer-ha!)
We finally made it to the parking lot where we were meeting everyone to tailgate (you know, where all the other people parked)!
Game time! We had great seats!
And, the reason I was so excited to go...the UK cheerleaders! ha! (they are one of the best squads in the nation!)
Give me a N! Give me an E! Give me a R! Give me a D!
We had a great time. I told him the next game we go to, though, they better be playing UofL or IU, so I can wear some red! ha!

Sept. 16th Abby had her first Kindergarten field trip. I hog everything school related, so I let Scott go on this field trip! :) They went to Eckert's Orchard to pick apples!

They have rides, games, sand pits, bounce pads, petting zoo, pig races and all sorts of other fun things for the kiddos!

Abby and her class! They had so much fun! And, Scott did great documenting every minute of it for me. He took MANY more photos than this. I was very impressed!
Not sure if anyone remembers me talking about the Dinner Auction I planned last year for Abby's school. Well, we went in with 5 other couples and donated a Luau. 10 couples purchased the Luau, and it was the weekend of the Sept. 17th. We provided all the food, drinks and entertainment, as well as the venue, music, etc. We had it at the Johnson's clubhouse (a couple that was hosting along with us), so that Friday we were all out there setting up and the kiddos were running WILD! The boys put the little ones on the 4 wheeler and were PUSHING it! haha! It wasn't on!
The girls practicing their cheers! :)
Abby and cutie, Trey!
And, the night of the Luau! ALOHA!
With my friends, Staci and Lynn.
The men were in charge of the bar!
And, those were the only photos I am allowed to post from the luau! haha! Let me just say, one reason we will never fully fit in around here, these people party like nothing I have ever seen. We can't hang with them! ha! But, we had a great time and the luau was a huge success. Everyone had a blast. We had them all on teams and they played different games throughout the night, we had tons of food and drinks, music, and just a bunch of good, crazy fun!

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Jaime Mac said...

Wow, this post was jam packed w/ info! You are too funny taking pics of Scott going through the yards! LOVE IT!
The luau looks like fun! Love your coconut bra!!

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