Sunday, October 16, 2011

Party Time!

I'm playing catch up...what's new, right!? ha! The weekend of Sept. 11 we went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Dad and Olivia's birthday! I can't believe my baby is THREE!...and, Dad is 57! ha! ;)

We had a house full of family, friends and FUN! Nothing better than that! :)

Little pinata fun for the kiddos!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to point out the World's Worst Pinata Holder...also known as my husband! Sheesh! ha!

Enough with letting them use a bat, time to pull the strings and do it the easy way! :)
But, of course, the big boys still had a good time whacking it with a bat! Hey, if we are going to make them come to a birthday party for their 3 yr old cousin, the least we can do is let them beat the crap out of a Disney princess pinata! ha!
Lots of help opening her gifts! :)
It was baby central this year. Katrina's twin girls and Tonya's baby, Callen! It was so much fun!
Me and my baby girl!
With their buddies, Carson and Keaton!
And, their other buddies, Dominic and Donovan. They are really out numbered! ha!
And, afternoon tea party with Nanny and Papaw!
Another year older, another great celebration...we are truly blessed!

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