Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's racing time...

Abby's school held a 5K and 1 mile run this year for the first time, in hopes that it would be a great new fundraiser for the school. We were all about helping out and running for her school (and, the race was a huge success so hopefully it will be an annual event). Abby has been begging to do a race for a while now, so I thought this would be a good one for her start with. She wants to run a 5K with me, so I told her if she did this, she could do a 5K with me next. :) There she is with her friend, Sarah!
Never one to be out done by her big sister, Liv wanted to run the 1 mile, too. Abby made her a number! Sooooo cute!
The school's unofficial mascot...a big fat lazy cat that hangs out at the playground! ha!
The 5K was an hour before the 1 mile, so Scott and I came early to run that, too. Here we are...all done.
Liv decided that she was really going to do the mile, so at the last minute Mom decided to do it, too. Scott and Abby were off...
There goes Abby...

Awesome Job, Abby! She got cranky about half way through it and wanted to walk. When she realized that people were passing her, though, she didn't like that one bit so she sprinted the last quater mile or so. She is something else, I tell ya'! And, she still wasn't happy because she didn't win or place. (Never mind the fact that all the kids that placed were probably in 5th grade or older-ha! She is a MESS!)
We were very proud of her! :) And, Liv, too. :) Funny story...Liv had to pee during the run so they stopped and peed at someone's house along the race route. Thank goodness for small town living! haha!
Big hug from a proud big sister! They were waiting to receive their medals!
When Liv walked up to get her medal the guy looked confused and said, 'did this little one run the race?' and before I could even say anything a woman standing there said, 'yes, sir she did...she did the whole mile and she gets a medal, too!' It was so cute.
They were teasing us, saying, 'man, the Utley's already have their girls in training!' ha! I love that the girls enjoy running and working out with us. Liv even walked on the treadmill for almost 20min. the other day when I got done on it. ha! Crazy girls!

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