Sunday, October 16, 2011

Liv's THREE!

Another year and my baby girl is now THREE!! Her birthday is Sept. 19th! Here we are the night before setting everything up (side note: this bounce house ripped in three places the first week we had it so I took it back and she now has a trampoline thing-ha!).
Ready for the birthday girl when she wakes up!
The big sister woke up first and jumped right in! Shhhh...don't tell Liv! ha!
YAY! Good morning, sweet girl!

Her birthday was on a Monday and I work Mondays 3-9, so there wasn't going to be a time that day when all 4 of us would be home at the same time, so we celebrated Sunday night before, then did presents and cake in the morning before Abby went to school!

Liv-I can not believe you are three already. You are so funny and sweet. You love animals, you would go to dance class every night if you could (you LOVE it), your big sister is your best friend, you are a total Mommy's girl. We go everywhere together and do everything together. If I go somewhere in town without you, everyone is asking where you are! :) You even attend meetings with me, often being the only kiddo that is allowed! You love to be outside, you are wild and goofy and you are always having fun. You are also very sensitive and sweet and thoughtful. You are also very independent, you have to do everything yourself. When we talk about favorite colors, animals, foods, etc. you always say, "I love every color!"..."I love all animals!" And, you do. You have such a zest for life. You love to wear cheer t-shirts and you almost always have your hair in a high pony tail with a 'cheer bow!' You and Abby are both known for your bows! ha! You look like and have many mannerisms like your Daddy. Your favorite show is Team Umizoomi. You wanted only a REAL lion cub for your birthday! ha! You bring your bike in the house every day and ride it everywhere! ha! Fruit is your favorite food. You make us laugh so hard every day. You have better taste in music than most adults. (I probably should make you listen to some kids songs/nursery rhymes, but you singing Mumford and Sons is just too cute-ha!) You are a lefty, your hair parts to the left, you tumble/bat/etc. left. You LOVE sweets and candy (which is the total opposite of your sister :) I hope you always have such a love and passion for people, animals and life! You are a very special and beautiful little girl. Many people love you so very much, and you are a bright shining light in the lives of us all! Here's to many, many more birthdays, you little angel!


Chris and Melissa said...

Cannot believe she is three! These early years are going way too fast! She sounds like such a fun, little girl who could give my two a run for their money! Haha!

The Harrell Family said...

Wow!! I can't believe she is three! They are all getting so big! She's adorable! :)

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