Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Some of the latest from the girls!

**This morning I was getting Abby dressed and ready for school and I got ready to put her shirt on and she says, 'Seriously, Mom...I just wore this last week!' I said, 'no you did not, and even if you did, who cares?...you're 4!' She responds with, 'I care, and why are you wearing that sweater again, you just wore it yesterday!' hahaha! It's a sweater jacket and I did have it on for about 2 hrs. yesterday while we ran errands, but since when was my 4yr the Fashion Police...sheesh! haha!

**We were talking about kids in her class and she told me that a little boys last name was Michael Jackson (come to find out they were just being silly and guessing funny things as their last names). Well, she just KNEW that his name really was Cole Michael Jackson and after 'discussing' it with her for a while she said, 'okay, his name is Cole Michael Jackson, Mom...for real!' hahahaha! FOR REAL!?!?!? That is 100% one of my sayings and she used it JUST like I would have...we almost fell out!

**Now that Liv is talking more and more, she has a little attitude of her own. The other day she was standing on the bar (yes, you read that right...she was standing on the bar). Anyways, I told her, 'Liv you need to sit on your bottom.' Of course, she just looks at me and laughs, so I tell her, 'okay, I am going to count just like I do with Abby, so you need to be sitting by the time we count to three!' (we, as in me and Abby, because Abby thinks it is her job to mother Liv, also-haha!) So, I start...'ONE!' and hold up one finger. She bends down right in my face and held her little fat finger up and said, 'ONE!' haha! Abby and I were laughing so hard, I couldn't finish! Liv won!! haha!

**The other day I told Abby to go get her boots and pants on and she was already in a mood. She marched down the hallway, turned around to me and said, 'don't you talk back to me, little lady!' hahaha!


Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Hahahaha! I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs! :)

The Harrell Family said...

The first post about Abby being the fashion police, well.. I'm still laughing! SO SO funny.

Also, I just took a picture, yesterday of Addie standing on our bar! Crazy girls!!!!

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