Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sara's Shower in Dixon, KY!

As I have mentioned before, my sister in law is expecting her first baby in April, and we are SO excited! Little Will will be here before we know it. Yesterday was her shower in Dixon.

With all 4 Grandparents present and Liv not wanting to take a nap, our Dad's thought that this was a good enough alternative, cover her with a blanket and let someone rock her...sweet, but not quite napping! ;) Liv loves her Goggy!!

Me and Sara!! :) It's so neat that we have been posing for pictures together since our college/sorority days and now we are still standing next to each other at our weddings and now baby showers! :) (for those of you that don't know, Sara and I were BFF's long before I ever started dating her convenient to marry the brother of one of your best friends!-haha!)

There was a stage (complete with a piano) at the community center where we had the shower...need I say more! haha! Abby was in heaven, putting on shows, dancing, playing the piano with the big girls...

And, Liv is content just standing back and watching all the madness, daring anyone to try and hold her..haha!

Imagine that...Abby won one of the games! :)

So many goodies for Baby Will!! :) Abby is so excited about her new boy cousin!

And, THIS...this is just ridciulous, but it made Scott and I laugh so hard, I had to share it! We are just slightly similiar...just slightly! haha!

And, would think we practiced our facials before the shower...haha!

Awwwww, Abby and Uncle Jeff (the Daddy to be).

Family pictures...always so lovely...hahaha! For real, is it too much to ask for one photo where everyone cooperates!?

And, Sara with Gi-gi (Scott and Sara's Mommy:), and Nanny (their Grandma!:)


The McAfee's said...

love those dresses!! so so very cute!!!

nanny said...

that picture of you and Sara has me laughing so hard I cannot go back to work

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