Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, Liv...

This child just cracks me up. She grows into her own little personality more and more every day! She sure is a child that knows what she wants!...and that just so happens to be wearing panties on the outside of her clothing. ha!

And, her dog! She LOVES Dixon. I have a feeling that as she gets older, I am going to lose my battle with the dog issues, and he will end up sleeping in her room, beside her bed!

Wow, she sure is scared that I caught her on that basket, turning the lights on and off, isn't she!?

And, again...this time with her shades. She loves clothes and shoes and it's nothing for her to have one 10 necklaces, a pair of sunglasses, panties on the outside of her clothing, shoes over a sleeper, Abby's shoes name it!

She has the sweetest most adorable little can't harldy stand it! :)
I thought for sure that Abby was going to be the high maintenace, hard headed one and SURELY my other child would be laid back and go with the flow....WRONG!! haha! I've got two of them! hahaha!


The McAfee's said...

ha ha ha!! she is soooo sassy! i love it!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Hahaha! Too funny and too cute!

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