Saturday, January 16, 2010

Growing so fast!

This week the girls had their well visits. It's so hard to believe that Abby is 4 and Liv is 16mo.!! WOW, where does the time go!?

*Liv is just so crazy about Abby and wants to be just like her and do everything just like her. It is incredibly sweet! Liv refuses to sit in a high chair or any type of booster anymore because she has to sit just like Abby/sit where Abby sits/eat what Abby is eating/where what Abby is wearing/if Abby's nails are painted, Liv's have to be painted! Sometimes I let them have breakfast at their little table! I just love this picture! :)

The beautiful princess, ready for the ball...check out that lipstick...YIKES! haha!

The princess no longer wants her picture taken! haha!

And, the greatest moment of Liv's life...Abby let her wear one of her tiara's! She was SO excited and just grinned and laughed like she was really getting away with something!

*So, the Dr.s office was the usual nightmare that it always is, but it's always nice to hear that your children are healthy and smart and gorgeous! :) Abby FINALLY hit a growth spurt...her first in 4yrs! ha! She now weighs 34lbs (40th percentile, first she has been above 25th percentile) and 38in. (12th percentile, first she has been above 7th..ha). Liv weighed in at a whopping 24lbs (I think that makes her the biggest of all the 'blog babies!' :) and it puts her securely in the 50th percentile!) and, just like the rest of the family, she's no where near tall. She was about 28 1/2 in. (right around the 10th percentile) .
***At 4, Abby is learning to read, she loves to spell and write words, she loves school and dance. She has tons of little friends and she has the most creative imagination. She loves to read and learn new things, she loves to do arts and crafts, she loves anything Disney princess/dress-up/beauty shop/playing house. She's kind and thoughtful and is always concerned with other people. I adore that about her. She is also very hard-headed and independent, and she gets frustrated if she can't do something and will try and try until she finally does it (I see so much of myself in her when it comes to these things). If she gets upset, she rebounds quickly, though, which is also like her mother! :) Scott always makes fun of both of us for this. We can be fighting mad, stomp off to our rooms and 5min. later come out smiling, wanting a hug and acting like there was never anything wrong! haha! It's like that line in The Notebook...'I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings...besides, you have like a 2 second rebound and you are right back to doing the next pain in the ass thing!' haha!
***At 16mo., Liv is changing and learning something new everyday. She isn't the chatterbox that Abby was/is...she can say anything and everything, but she only says what she needs to, when she needs to. She is very direct and there is never a moment when you don't know what she wants. She is very independent: she does not want anyone doing anything for her. She feeds herself, attempts to dress herself and has been showing signs of wanting to use the potty-YAY! She LOVES to read. She hates TV (I am not sure if she has ever seen more than 1min. of a show), she is waaaay too busy to sit for an activity. Her favorite things to do are read and play dress up and anything that Abby tells her to do. Even when Abby is at school, Liv will go to her room and dress up in something silly. It's so cute! She is the ultimate sweetheart but also a little beast. She can be quite the little turd when she wants to be. Unlike Abby, she does not get over being upset quickly. She will get mad and 20min. later seek her revenge on Abby...haha! She gets that pouting and being mad for a long time from the Utley's...or so I have heard! haha! She loves to hold hands and she loves her big sister, her dog and her Mommy and Daddy, and that is the BEST!! :)

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