Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sick of the weather, Sick of being sick...

So, ever since that well visit we had about 3weeks ago, someone in this house has been sick! Ugh! It started with Abby getting the flu mist, and OF COURSE, she had a reaction to it and got sick. Once she was feeling better, I had a rough week, then Liv had it, then last week Abby started puking and was very sick for a few days, and now I am not sure if Liv is sick again or just teething. I think just teething, but she hasn't napped in 3 days...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I'm not quite sure why the non-eating and non-sleeping upsets and frustrates me so much, considering we have been battling it since Abby was a day old, but it's hard...really hard when you have a child, or children, that have sleeping/eating issues. So, we are now dealing with counting Abby's calories again, because after being sick she has lost weight (and, as you all know, she is already itty-bitty), so we are have just been taking the last few weeks one day at a time and trying to get everyone healthy and back on schedule!

Monkey see-Monkey Do! Liv is Abby's little copy's so sweet! (you can tell in this picture, that Abby isn't feeling great! :( poor thing!)

I will do just about anything to get them to eat, and since we can't exactly have picnics outside, we had a little picnic in the living room!

Look at that little face...such a big girl now! :)

hahahaha! Love this one...she is such a nut!

TENT!! We LOVE making tents in the living room. They played in this thing for hours one afternoon!

Now....COME ON , SPRING!...Of couse, they are calling for 6 inches of snow tomorrow night! UGH! If we are snowed in and Liv is still refusing to sleep and Abby is still refusing to eat or sleep, I really will be in the closet with a bottle of wine....hahaha!

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The McAfee's said...

hang in there!! it's a short month!! that's what i keep telling myself!!

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