Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Never a dull moment around here....

If you haven't noticed, we run a WILD house and we have no problem with chaos! Good thing, huh?! haha!

Go, Abby!!! Weeeeeeee......

Maybe by the time the girls are old enough to compete, there will be synchronized gymnastics @ the Olympics! haha!

Dad's drawer of animal calls....endless FUN!!!!! hahahaha! Scott thinks Abby is going to be a world class turkey caller! ha! Liv is sharpening her calling skills, too!

And, look at this pair. Once again in the drawers with the calls and check out those outfits!

And, a little foot race. The main level of our house is a perfect place for some racing. (I used to walk this lap for hours while pregnant, and even when in labor with Liv). We have LOTS of races. Abby had on her little swimsuit and she reminded me of those serious, real deal marathon runners in their little running gear! Solid muscle and fast as lightning!

Future track and field star, maybe!? She's so fast. She tells us all the time, 'none of the kids at school can catch me!' hahaha! Go, Abby, Go!

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melissa said...

Such crazy little stinkers! "Boring people need not apply". Haha!! Poor Scott! :)

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