Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh, Abby...what are we going to do with you!

**Some more of Abby's finest!

**Last night we were getting the girls ready for their bath and I noticed that Abby had not wiped good (sorry, TMI, I know-ha!), so I start the lecture about how she needs to make sure she wipes good, and she still needs to get Mommy to help her sometimes, etc. So, I was getting her cleaned up and the following conversation occurs:

Abby-'Mom, why do have the baby wipes out...you don't have to wipe that much!'
Me-'Actually, yes Abby, I do. You can't have a dirty booty!'
Abby-'Mom, you are crazy!'
Me-'No, you are crazy!'
Abby-'Actually, we are both crazy, Mom...you wipe my butt too hard and I nearly pooped my pants today!'

hahahahaha! OMG! The child CRACKS me up!

**Today after school we were waitng on Mom, Dad and Liv to meet us for lunch. I was making phone calls to Mom and Scott and Abby was trying to get my attention. I could hear her but didn't answer her immediately. Then, I hear her say, 'damn, damn!' So, of course, I reply with, 'Abigail, you know better than that!' And, I hear her mumble...'that got her attention!' hahahaha!

**Earlier today she was at the bar doing arts and crafts and we were all standing close by, but no one was standing right there next to her. Next thing we know we hear her, 'someone better watch me!' We look over and she was holding the huge kitchen scissors getting ready to cut some paper, but it was so funny. It was like, 'alright all you idiot adults, I have scissors, someone better watch me!' haha!

**Last week we decided to trek to storytime at Borders for the first time in ages. We make it through the story and Abby is clearly bored and Liv is clearly unimpressed! But, we listened to the stories and then started on the craft, which was a chaotic mess! Abby again, was not thrilled and she looks at me just as serious as could be and says, 'let's not come to storytime anymore, Mom...we have all these books at home, our crafts are better and we don't have to deal with all these snot nosed kids!' hahahaha! God, I LOVE that child. It's exactly something like I would say!

**A conversation Abby had with Mom!
Abby-'Do you know what Emma told me?' (Emma is a little friend of hers from school).
My Mom-'No, what did Emma tell you!?'
Abby-'She told me that her Uncle farts!'
My Mom-(laughing)...'Oh, really!..and, what did you tell her about that!'
Abby-'I told her that my Dad poops a lot!'


The Harrell Family said...

I HAVE to meet this child!! Simply Adorable!

The McAfee's said...

she is too much!!! i just love her! :)

Chris and Melissa said...

haha! i love it! she is just precious and i'm so glad you can document it. she won't believe all the things she's said when she's older. :)

Chris and Melissa said...

and yes, how i wish we lived closer so we could laugh about our days over a glass of wine! i thought about you and your comment about locking yourself in the closet with a bottle of wine. that's exactly what i wanted to do that day!

The Harris Family said...

Oh, she is so funny! I always love hearing the things she says, they crack me up.

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Hahahaha! She is hilarious! I love your stories!

The Utz Family said...

I just can't get enough of Abby Stories!!! She cracks me up!!!

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