Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with fun and the ones you love most! We have been celebrating Valentine's Day here for the last two weeks-ha!...Abby has a slight obsession with Holidays, but that's okay, I do to, and we love it! Scott and I have had a weekend away planned since Dec. and it just happened to be this past weekend (which also happened to be the anniversary of our engagement-FUN!). Mom and Dad got here Thur. night, so we got up and celebrated Valentine's with everyone Friday morning. Then, Scott and I left for Lake of the Ozarks. Mom and Dad kept the girls all weekend. Everyone had a SUPER time. Scott and I shopped, ate good food, went to the movies and SLEPT...all night long! ha! And, it was great to know that the girls were in good hands and having a blast here with Mom and Dad! :)

Olivia and her Papaw!
Fun times with Nanny and Papaw!

Isn't her little face in that mirror so sweet! Thanks, for the AWESOME gift, Aunt Michelle! (she LOVES it and plays with it NON-STOP! :)

And, these pictures crack me up. Here's Abby modeling some of the clothes we got her this weekend. The dress happens to match the shoes perfectly, and I have never seen someone dance in high-heels quite like Abby...the girls on Dancing With the Stars better watch their backs...haha!!

***A HUGE Thanks to Mom and Dad for keeping the girls. You all are the BEST! I know you all are exhausted and it might take a few days to recuperate, but we sure do appreciate it...haha! And, I know you all love it! :) And, of course, the girls would have it no other way! ;)

***And, another HUGE thanks to Miss Polly and Mark for letting us stay in the condo! We had such a great time, and the place is SO nice! We loved it! Thank you!

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