Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Big Day...

Who knew Feb. 19 would be such a big day around here.

**First, Olivia is 5mo. old today!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? And, what a wonderful little being she is. She just gets sillier by the day. She is the happiest little thing. Everything is funny to her. She is in the habit of sleeping REALLY good at night now. It was tricky finding a balance with her eating, because I took her off of cereal because of the eczema issues (looks like we will be holding of on solids for a while, even though I think skin sensitivity is what triggers hers. I have it cleared up and we haven't had any flare ups in a while. It's exhausting to keep up with her daily regimen of lotions/cremes/fabrics/etc. and making sure everyone is dye and perfume free but it's working), anyways... once we figured out how much more she needed to eat each day, she has been sleeping sometimes 10-11 hrs. at night. Naps are hit or miss. I can usually get a couple okay naps from her, but if she sleeps that good at night, I will take the lousy napping. But, she is getting better and does have her good nap days. She is transitioning to just 3 shorter naps, so I think that is where the nap issue is coming from and heavens knows any nap is better than what we could get from Abby, so in our opinion, she's doing great...ha! She rolls and moves everywhere, and I am prediciting that she is crawling in the next month or so. She will get get up on her hands and feet now and give a big push to move herself closer to a toy, Abby, whatever it is she eyes and wants. Abby is her most favortie person in the world. It doens't matter what Abby says or does, Olivia LOVES it!! She's more gorgeous everyday and she still hasn't lost her hair (I love adding that, since so many people told me she would..ha!)

**Second, I will be running my first half-marathon in EXACTLY 2mo. Yay! Training is going great. I am running about 6miles on my long runs, and it is actually much easier than I ever thought. (I haven't ran more than 5miles since high school, and even then I only ran 8miles...ONE time and that was because my boyfriend at the time challenged me to a race...haha! Yep, one of those real mature relationships..ha! I'm sure he won, by the way..haha! I just remember running almost all the way to the highway and then wanting to call someone to come and get me, but of course we had no cell phones back then, so I walked home...ha!) Anyways, training is going great. I actually love running, and I never thought I would say that. Maybe it's because I get some time to myself, but whatever the reason, I love it. And, not to mention you can eat what you want and feel no guilt about it! ha!

**Third, I went on my first job interview in 4 yrs. today. Now, it's not for a normal job, I'm not going back to work or anything. I am going to, possibly, coach an all-star cheer squad for a gym in the area. The owners of the gym got my name from some friends of mine and called me yesterday. I met with them today, and it sounds like a great opportunity, and I would LOVE to do it. I go in next week to teach a few classes, and if it's a good fit and the time, etc. works out, I will hopefully be their new coach. If I am offered the job and if I take it, they will basically be handing the swuad over to me, which would be great because then I could schedule practices around times that work best for us, etc. It's a very new squad. The gym has been around for years, but they just started the squad last year. So, it would be a great opportunity for not only me, but for the gym and for the girls, too. We still don't know anything for sure and I haven't even made up my mind about it, but I am excited and hopefully it works out for everyone.

**I do have some pictures that I need to get on here, and I am hosting Bunco here tomorrow night, so I hope to have some fun pictures from that,'s Mardi Gra theme!! YAY!! Have a good one,'s late and I know I will pay for it if I stay up too much past my normal bed time! ;)

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The Utz Family said...

That is great! You would be awesome at that job!! Have fun! :)

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