Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Olivia's Stats!

We had Olivia's 4mo. well visit yesterday (actually 4 1/2 mo. but that's okay!). She is perfect and weighed in at a whopping 13lbs. 13oz. I need to call and get her length. (I am guessing abour 24-25in....I will just measure her myself today-ha!) Abby was 12lbs. 60z. at 4mo. so I guess that is why she seems so big to us. Scott is always telling her, 'wow, you are a BIG baby!' and, of course, she just laughs! ha! She also got her shots. She was a champ, she cried but stopped as soon as I picked her up. Abby had a really bad reaction to her shots starting at 12mo., so I am hoping that we don't have to go through that with Olivia, too. So, even though the shots don't bother me, I am always sort of nervous thinking about if/when she will have a reaction. Hopefully, we avoid all of that 'fun' with Olivia. Abby has screamed at Dr. Reger since day 1, so he just loves that Olivia likes him. But, yesterday every time Olivia would fuss or cry throughout the day, Abby would say, 'I think she is crying because she doesn't want to go see Dr. Reger!' haha! He got a kick out of that. He also said that since she is eating cereal, that we can start veggies whenever I want. I think we will be waiting until closer to 6mo., though. Abby wants her start eating NOW! ha! I caught her trying to feed her the other day. The next 2 years will, without a doubt, require CONSTANT attention, because I can't even imagine what Abby will come up with and do to Olivia! haha! She got mad the other day because Olivia couldn't play ring around the rosey with her. ha! Awwww...never a dull moment! :)


The McAfee Pack said...

yeah for a healthy visit!! sam does the same thing with jake!! he says "when jake grows up we will play..." now though he wants to pick him up and play ball. we're like "no buddy he's not ready to play ball yet!" keeps you on your toes!

The Utz Family said...

So glad all is well!

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