Sunday, February 8, 2009

Relaxing Weekend!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend....and we needed it! This past week was a rough one. We had some really rough nights with Olivia. She was waking ALL night long. I would go in, give her the paci and be back in there anywhere from 10min.-1hr. later. Add that to Abby's normal nightly antics (yelling for water, yelling that she needs me to help her find her pillow, yelling that she heard a loud noice, trying to come and play in the living room at 4:30....etc. etc.). By Friday, I had had about 7 hrs. of sleep in 48hrs. and I decided no more pacifier. I sort of figured that was the culprit since she wasn't hungry, etc. And, sure enough, Friday I put her to sleep without it and she slept 10 1/2 hrs. STRAIGHT, not a peep! Same thing last night for over 11hrs. I always hated those things anyways. My goal is to have them 100% out of this house by the end of this week...she still took one for a few of her naps this weekend, when she was really fighting hard, and I really needed her to sleep (even if for only 30min.) But, I will happily fight the fight at night to make sure she does not go to bed with it, and so far she could care less and has fallen right to sleep. Yay, Olivia and Yay, Mommy...sweet, heavenly sleep!-ha!

Anyways, we did NOTHING Friday. Everyone in the house was in bed by 8:30!

Abby playing with Olivia. For those of you that are familiar with Laurie Berkner, 'Olivia's got a ball on her head, Olivia's got a ball on her head and she keeps it there all day!'-haha!

I love this picture of Miss Abigail.

Awwwww....(Olivia had just finished eating and was heading to the bath, she's not always half dressed with a wet onesie-ha!)

Daddy and his girls!

Saturday I got up and went on my first outdoor long run. Uhhh...there were 20mph winds, I was almost ankle deep in mud at one point, and it wasn't pretty, but I did it!-ha! After that we all just waited for my Mom to get here. Abby had been counting the days. Nanny brought the jackpot....the Easy Bake oven! YAY!

They quickly got to work baking cakes and cookies! :)

Scott and I got to go grocery shopping romantic! haha! Other than that, we did NOTHING Saturday, too!
***Scott's parents came to visit Sunday, too. They are still without power, as is most of his family and everyone else is Western KY. :( So, they hung out and enjoyed the heat, TV, hot water, etc.-haha! We had a good lunch and continued to do nothing but relax and play! :) I had a mini breakdown over Olivia's eczema, but I am better now. ha! She flared up this morning after I had it, basically, cleared up. It's just frustrating to deal with. It already looks 100 times better, so I am hoping it's even better by morning. Thank God she has never acted like it bothers her, and the Dr. seems to think it's nothing at all to be concerned about, but it's still not something that I want her to have to deal with. The Dr. also seems to think that since it's only on her cheeks and no where else, that it's simply baby eczema and she will out grow it, probably once the weather finally warms up for good. But, being the over dramatic, uber worrier that I am, I have put the humidifier back in her room, made sure that everything that touches her is 100% cotton and washed in free and clear detergent, nothing but mild and free soaps/lotions/etc, I have stopped feeding her cereal (which will probably add a night feeding back to the routine, but that's okay), she is lubed up with Aquaphor and we ware just going to have to be REALLY careful about what detergents/lotions/perfumes/etc. come into contact with her! And, of course, hope and pray that she does outgrow it. :( Okay, enough...I am going to start crying again!
Onto this funny tidbit...Abby yelled for me, 'Mommy, I made you...look, I made you!' I go over and this is what she made.....

hahaha! Yes, those are my teeth attached to the red pepper! ha! I am not sure if I should be thrilled and impressed by her creativity or hurt that she thinks I have huge snaggle teeth! haha!

***Anyways, we had a great weekend. Thanks for coming to see us Nanny, Goggy and Gi-gi!


Chris and Melissa said...

aren't grandparents great for always bringing the perfect gift?

fyi- ella has eczema- probably will never outgrow it. try to find "baby eczema cream" in the baby dept at walmart. it's in a tube with winnie the pooh on it. it works way better than anything else we have tried- including all the prescription creams the doctors keep pushing on us. ella says, "here, mom, put winnie on my itchies" and it usually takes care of it. and try not to worry about it- i'm pretty sure it normally bothers us more than it bothers them.

The Utz Family said...

Hannah is the same way. We have had all sorts of prescription creams and it gets so old after a while. We use vaseline deep moisture creamy formula. It seems to work well for Hannah. gotta love the Easy Bake Oven!! :)

Anonymous said...

Fyi to add to everyone else...Christian has it really bad to on his cheeks. I HATE IT!!! But it does go away...and then creep back up. We use only Aveeno now, and it's really helping. Aquaphor after baths and when going outside. P.S. While we were at the Doc, I saw your momma!! I didn't think she would know who I was so, I didn't say anything ;) And, one more tidbit, we warn grandmas that their lipstick, (although beautiful hot pink on their lips) looks pretty, it breaks his face out. Christmas was aunts/grandmas were all in the bathroom scrubbing their lipstick off. ha! =Autumn Zabel

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