Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Please Sell, House.....

This is my plea to our house! We have another showing tonight. I have been frantically getting things ready. For every mess I clean up, three more are made by a cute little girl, who shall remain nameless. She is currently closed out of all rooms but the kitchen and living room. hahaha! Anyways, we have found a house that we would LOVE to buy, and the minute we have an offer on this house, we are putting a contract on the house the house. So, any prayers or good luck thoughts would be GREAT, and for those of you that remember our last go around at selling our home, you know we need all the good thoughts we can get, hahaha! We only have a limited amount of time to have our house on the market, since I refuse to be moving at 8-9mo. prego, and I am already itching to get rooms done for Abby and the new baby. Which reminds me.....

WE HAVE OUR BIG U/S ON FRIDAY!!!! YAY! Hopefully, we will find out we are having another healthy, beautiful baby! Any guesses on what it will be????.......Scott and I both say girl. We shall see.:-)

Okay, back to getting the house ready to show. Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will be posting about a big move!!

Oh, and I got my Mother's Day present yesterday. An AWESOME new camera that I have been dying for. I am sooooo excited. It is UNBELIEVEABLE. So, we should have lots of new pics VERY soon!! :-)

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