Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zoo Field Trip! :-)

Getting ready for the fun to begin. These are Abby's little friends, Seth and Grace. They are also our neighbors!:-)

Isn't this the cutest picture?

The giraffes were SO close. It was CRAZY! They were eating so close to the fence, you could have reached out and thouched them. They seemed harmless enough, so we put the kids there for a pic. hahaha!

Outside the penguin/puffin house! Quite possibly the neatest zoo exhibit I have ever seen.

Petting the guinea pigs. She loved them and wanted to take one home. No way, Abby!
Not only did Abby stop to see every animal, but we also had to stop and look at every flower, every leaf, every tree, every stick, every rock, (you get the picture, hahaha!). She is such a little nature lover!:-)

This is actually the hippo exhibit, but I could not get a pic of the hippo down there swimming. By the time I would get her up there, they would swim off, but it is so neat. Maybe next time.

Abby's little school program had a field trip to the zoo on Thursday. The weather was PERFECT and we had a blast. I think we walked well over 5miles. Abby was a little trooper and walked almost all of it, too. Her new thing is to say, 'I can't want....' and when I pulled out the stroller she said, 'I can't want to ride in the stroller,' so the stroller stayed here, and she walked it all like a big girl. (except for the last 30min. and I had to carry least I got a good work-out that day) I'm sure we will have MANY more trips to the zoo this summer.....anyone is welcome to come along. It's a lot of fun!! :-)


SarahLeemans said...

aw, I loved all the pics from the zoo! Abby's school has the best activities for the kiddos and families. You look great too...NO, you are NOT fat! You're nuts if you think so! :)

Brooke said...

Too Cute! You look great! How does it feel for round 2?! Hopefully we can catch up with your family soon! Tyson and Abby would have a blast.

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