Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scott's Turkey! (gobble, gobble)

Abby and Daddy posing with their turkeys. Abby had to get her Little People turkey and join in the fun! :-)

After 3 long days of hunting, Scott got a turkey. Abby thinks the turkey was just asleep and that Scott took him back to his mommy and daddy last night!:-) I hope she thinks that for MANY years to come. Scott also thinks that I am going to eat the turkey, once he fries it. Ummmm....not so much. Just like he thought I would eat his dove, rabbit and other various game. (he might get me to try to bite, but that will probably be about it....I just can't get past the idea that turkeys should be stuffed and on the table at Thanksgiving....not in my garage with feathers one minute and then sliced up and in my fridge the next)

Anyways, Congrats Scott!! hahahaha! YAY!

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nanny said...

congrats Scott, you do live with a lot of little turkeys!!! try it Andrea, the ones in the store aren't grown on trees ya know. Maybe on the vine of that special "green" tomatoe plant, but not trees, Love you

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