Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Abby and her Daddy....

Seriously, have you ever seen a sweeter daddy and daughter!? (I know I haven't!)

She actually jumps from the position below to this position. You can see the agony on Scott's face and the joy in hers! hahahaha!

Work those abs, Scott! I am trying to get him to gain some sympathy weight with me. Last time he put on about 10lbs. We'll see! :-)

Well, as we all know, Abby already has Scott wrapped around her little finger. She is his best little buddy now. She LOVES doing things with Daddy. He even taught her how to call turkeys. hahaha. And, she's pretty good at it (even though I have no idea what good would be...I think she's got it down....he says she is going to be a world class caller, so I guess I better brush up on turkey calling, hahahaha!!) He also taught her how to tackle, and she helps his with his exercises every night.

(I am trying to get a video on here for the first time, so I hope it works!)

If this works...this is Wrestlemania Utley style. Abby can't tackle without screaming!


Marsha said...

Seriously!! I haven't seen a sweeter or cuter pair either. Awesome pic!! Actually they all are. Miss you guys and hope to see ya soon. Hope all is well!!! Love Marsha.

nanny said...

She is so fun, I miss her every minute of every day. Love you all

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