Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's a.......

That's's a GIRL!! YAY!!...I get another girl!!:-) We are so excited. We have both had a feeling all along it was a girl. Actually, we've always said we would have all girls, and so far we are heading in that direction. :-) Scott is just the PERFECT girl Daddy...what can I say?! Everything looks GREAT. She moved like CRAZY the entire time, kicking the u/s probe, etc. (the techs were teasing that they needed a way to sedate her, hahaha!) We have a feeling she will be VERY much like her big sister!

We had a student that was studying to be an ultrasound tech. do our u/s first. We were her final exam!:-) Then, the actual tech. did an u/s, so we got to watch her for over an hour. Our parents and Abby got to see her, too. Abby is really excited about her little sister. As we were leaving the hospital, she was clapping her hands and yelling, 'I'm getting a baby sister!' It was the first time she had acknowledged, and been happy about, a new sibling. hahaha! We are now going to start seriously saving for weddings and proms, but that's okay, we couldn't be more excited.

No, she doesn't have a name, yet!:-) We will let everyone know when she does. Abby wants to name her Abigail, hahaha. We told her we might just have to pick something else, even though Abigail is a perfect name.


Dawna said...

That's so great. I'm sure she'll also look just like you. Abby looks like she will be a good big sister. Congrats!

nanny said...

that picture is a "classic", baby sister is so lucky, I love you both, all three of you actually, bring on another look a like girl, I love it!! I miss you guys, thanks for letting us share your special picture day!!

Cat said...

Congrats!!!!! Scott really IS a perfect girl daddy! LOL You are an awesome momma, and I cna't wait to see the newest Utley sweetie!

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